Music Connection School Program Instruments
*Be sure to check out Rental Returns! These are the best deals!
-Discounted 15%-30% Off of the New Instrument Price 
-Shop Tested- Sanitized-Excellent Playing Condition
-Covered by The Maintenance Plan-So No Repair Costs
(all instruments subject to availability)
New Instruments
Brand New out-of-the-box from the manufacturer! 
About our Rental Return Instruments:
Our rental return (RR) instruments have been out on similar rental programs and may have some surface wear and tear, but still are in excellent playing condition.  Music Connection only rents instruments which were purchased directly from the Manufacturer and are maintained in excellent playing condition specifically for Student School Programs. 
Premium Rental Return (RR): Discounted Purchase Price! Minimal previous rental/lightly played with minor or no cosmetic wear. Maintained in excellent playing condition.  Thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
Standard Rental Return (RR): Deeply Discounted Purchase Price! Multiple previous rentals with some cosmetic wear. Maintained in excellent playing condition. Thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
Get an additional 20% off the above purchase prices
 when you pay off your rental instrument in full during the first 6 Months of rental!
Get an additional 10% off the remaining balance 
 when you pay off your rental instrument in full after the first 6 Months of rental!